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  • March 1, 2023

iTownships – Bringing vision to reality

Uplifting lives, impacting society, and helping shape the nation. This vision has been at the heart of Megaworld since its founding in 1989. Through 34 years of pioneering the live-work-play-learn lifestyle of comfort and convenience where everything is within reach, Megaworld has been able to excellently bring the vision to reality. From one innovation to the other, the Company has been continuously challenging the standards and changing the scene of real estate in the Philippines.

Five years ago, Megaworld began developing the concept of iTownship. This aims to exemplify the best of interconnectivity, smart home technologies, imaginative designs, and cutting edge amenities throughout Megaworld’s townships. From Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED-certified buildings, the Company sets these MEGA communities to be the townships of the future as it bridges the gap of today’s ever-changing society to tomorrow’s digital-ready spaces, all the while advancing green efforts and sustainability across all developments.

Virtual Property Expo

Even at the height of the global pandemic, Megaworld is turning barriers into doors of opportunities to make world-class services better. In 2021, the Company’s global marketing arm—Megaworld International—launched its first virtual property expo: Revolutionizing the Future of Real Estate: Philippine Property Expo 2021.

As an international marketing group, the restrictions on mobilization brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have been exceedingly difficult. Megaworld International needed to create necessary changes and think outside the box to be able to accommodate clients and potential buyers around the globe.

Megaworld International’s virtual property expo was the timely resolution to the challenge. The month-long expo has introduced an interactive 360-degree tour of Megaworld’s renowned townships—Arcovia City and The Mactan Newtown along with other projects. Its success is well documented with over 1500 unique visitors from all over the world. Live event simulcasts, video-on-demand, and seminar streams that feature industry leaders, public officials, and private sectors were included to further digitize the Company’s services and to internationally showcase the wide array of high-end real estate investment options in the Philippines.

Sustainagility commitment

From its founding until today, Megaworld has been pursuantly committing itself to 12 out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals by UNESCO. The sustainability at the core of the Company’s projects throughout the Philippines also brings life to Megaworld’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Even during COVID-19, the Company upholds its commitment to be of service to the Filipino people. Megaworld has been uplifting the economic prowess of the country by creating impact through inclusive communities, all the while shaping the environment with green efforts through townships.

The future is here, they say. Instead of saying this with uncertainty, Megaworld International exclaims with greater joy. The global pandemic has shaken the norm within the real estate industry, but the Company only exceeds amidst trials. With a sharp and collective vision at its core, innovation and creativity have been the proud identity of the Company.

This is who we are now, and this is who we will always be — even in the years to come.