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  • July 1, 2024

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      Your Investment. Our Priority.

      Fill out the form below. We'll be glad to answer all of your inquiries.

      What is your budget? (in Philippine Peso)

      5 - 50

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      Please select your desired time according to your location’s time zone.

      Interested in Smart Condos in the Philippines? Find Your Perfect Match Here 

      The turn-back-to-nature attitude that has taken over the whole world to mitigate climate change and protect our world has also given rise to the popularity of smart homes and smart condos in the Philippines.

      What are Smart Condos? 

      Smart condos are not different from smart homes, except that they are not single-detached homes on land but a unit in a building. Smart homes are conveniently set-up homes, where appliances and devices can be automatically and remotely controlled from anywhere using internet connection through mobile or wired devices. 

      While it sounds cool, smart and responsible to choose smart condos in the Philippines, these offer benefits that have real, tangible and palpable effects to residents as well. 

      More Efficient Energy Use

      In a smart condo, residents have better control of lighting, cooling or heating and usage. For example, air conditioners can be set to lower energy consuming settings during cooler times of the day, Lights can be automatically turned off at sunrise. You don’t only save electricity over the times it is being wasted; you also reduce the instances of waste resulting from the occasional forgetfulness. With smart condos, you can check the status of connected devices from your mobile device and control them from there, and without wasting time going back home to check either. 

      Enhanced Security

      Another benefit to smart condos in the Philippines would be the enhanced security you can take advantage of. Digital locks and CCTV networks help you manage your security better, changing passwords when you deem it compromised and having visibility of your property 24 hours a day and seven days a week! 

      Smart Condos in the Philippines: DIY or Developer Driven?

      In truth, any condo owner can turn their units into smart homes. Many, if not all appliances, already come with variants capable of

      connectivity. And for homeowners, there is a strong sense of fulfilment and achievement when they successfully convert theirs into smart homes, do-it-yourself or DIY style.

      But when you have the option to choose developer driven smart condos in the Philippines, now that makes for a real, future-proofed bargain. When developers build a smart condo, you can expect that even the amenities and other aspects that are beyond your control, will also be smartly built and developed. This way, the opportunities to save energy and be eco and environmentally friendly are maximized. 

      Maple Grove in General Trias, Cavite

      Megaworld’s Smart Condos: iTownships 

      When Megaworld debuted its iTownships in 2018, it announced incorporating digital technology, design innovations, and connectivity into their developments. These plans included township operation centers providing 24/7 security monitoring and emergency response, urban art installations, smart parking systems including electric vehicle charging, use of LED and solar-powered lights and vertical green spaces. These plans are already well under way and we can look at these two properties to start.

      Kensington Sky Garden in Bacolod City, Visayas

      In the Visayas, particularly in Bacolod City, the 26-storey Kensington Sky Garden will be offering 643 smart condo units in its 2 towers on the corner of Upper East Avenue and Bentley Street. 

      These two towers will be capped with glass-clad sky lounges so residents can enjoy the panoramic views of the city, mountains, seas and even nearby islands.

      If you are looking for developer-led smart condos in the Philippines, but outside of Metro Manila and in the Visayas region, this is a great option for you. 

      Like Uptown Modern, each unit in Kensignton Sky Garden will be equipped with a wireless smart home system and devices with WiFi routers that can be accessed remotely using a dedicated phone app for the comfort and convenience of the residents. This technology allows residents to control several unit features, such as lighting fixtures and other smart appliances in the living, kitchen, and dining areas as well as the bedroom.

      Uptown Modern in Uptown Bonifacio

      The 54-storey Uptown Modern with 1,000 units in varying sizes will be equipped with wireless home systems that residents can control and manage using a dedicated smartphone app. These will allow them control over lighting fixtures and smart appliances for the living, kitchen, dining and bedrooms such as digital locksets for the main doors, inverter split-type aircons, induction cooktops with range hoods, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washer-dryer units.  

      On top of e-vehicle charging facilities in its parking floors, Uptown Modern will also feature energy-generating fitness equipment, low-flow rate faucets promoting water conservation, occupancy power sensors in hallways, LED lights in all units and common areas to help conserve energy, high energy efficiency rating for major equipment, a rainwater harvesting and reuse system, and its own material recovery facility.  Read more about Uptown Modern here.


      Kensington Sky Garden will also feature its own electric vehicle charging facility n its basement parking areas. It will also use low flow rate fixtures to promote water conservation, occupancy sensors in hallways and parking floors that help conserve energy, LED lights for units and common areas, rainwater harvesting system, and its own materials recovery facility.

      Are you in the market for smart condos in the Philippines? You can do it yourself, or you can do it better by choosing from among Megaworld’s iTownship condominiums.  Read more about Kensington Sky Garden here.