Web Conferencing Tools to Utilize in this Pandemic

Web Conferencing tools

Online web conferencing has gained popularity through the years but during this pandemic, it has become an essential tool for businesses to communicate with clients, employees, partners or third parties.

The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt to the “new normal” either with drastic or mild changes. If they didn’t adopt, they would need to face the consequences. Various businesses have been closing down due to COVID-19, especially the ones that require face-to-face communication or transaction.

It is very difficult to do business during this time but we always have to adapt. We should even welcome it since through change, our business, products and services become better. Through innovation, we optimize our processes, cost-effectiveness, deadlines and even directly our products and services.

With social distancing still in effect all over the world, we must find ways to communicate properly to our customers, partners and co-workers. Hence the rise of web conferencing has paved the way for businesses to survive in this trying time.

We at Megaworld International are committed to bringing you the best services so we have been utilizing the best applications that can further improve our transactions despite this pandemic.

Some of the Web Conferencing Application comparisons


Zoom has gained massive popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is both used by businesses, organizations and even government departments. It has both free basic and premium plans. Zoom is a great choice for work meetings and also great for personal use to call your friends although the free version has limits.

Megaworld International has been using Zoom ever since the start of the quarantine. And our department has been keen on utilizing its various features, especially its screen share. Where you can present your powerpoint presentation, video or anything you would like your audience to see.

It also lets you record your meetings so you can watch it again in the future which is a handy feature for when you want to go back and rewatch the webinar or meeting. As for platforms, Zoom has a mobile as well as a desktop app which is handy because most people are usually on their mobile devices.


Skype has long been in the instant messaging space and video conferencing is not new to this app. This feature has been with Skype for years. However, not a lot of people realize that Skype also has a screen sharing feature. The free version which is accessible by all has these features too.

What’s good about Skype is most people have heard of this application and probably even already have an account.

If you’re a business which would like more features, you can try Skype for Business. Microsoft’s Skype for Business starts at $2 per user per month. 

A notable feature for Skype for Buisiness is that even users who don’t have Skype for Business are allowed to participate in your meetings as long as you invite them. So only the host needs to have Skype for Business.

Google Meet

Google has dominated the tech space since its inception. With its humble beginnings being a search engine, it has expanded and even pioneered today’s technological advancements.

Google Meet is the application where you can have video conferencing and webinars. Much like most applications, it has screen sharing as well as a record option. What’s great with Google Meet is it’s automatically integrated with gmail and other Google services so if your whole business is using the Google ecosystem then integration is easy. Google has a tremendous amount of services and Google Meet easily integrates with them.

Before, Google Meet was only available for G Suite users but Google has made it free to use for everyone recently. Google also improved its features along with its free release.

Messenger Rooms

Facebook has now added video conferencing to its Messenger app. Messenger Rooms is one of the easiest video conferencing apps. You don’t need to have participants download certain apps. All you need to do is create your room and give them the link. Participants also don’t need to have a Facebook account to use it. You can however, use an app if you want. Just download the Messenger app then have it linked to your Facebook account.

Messenger rooms however do feel like it is for casual group hangouts for your friends but if you’re a small team which does not require fancy features then Messenger Rooms would be good for you since it’s easy to use and requires no downloads. Just give them the link and your team would be ready to have a conference call with you.