Traveling in the new normal

Megaworld International is one with the world in observing proper ways on how to keep safe while traveling during this pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic may have drastically curtailed air, land and sea travel around the world, but efforts are continuously being made to stop the virus from spreading and eventually resume business operations to new normal. What would traveling be like in this new normal? If domestic and international travel will soon be permitted, experts recommend these precautions be taken by all passengers to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Social distancing in the airport, and everywhere. The dramatic decline in passenger traffic has made it easier to practice social distancing. Maintaining a 6-foot social distance from other travelers is important from the moment you enter the airport.

Wash your hands a lot. Passengers should wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when soap and water are unavailable. It is highly recommended to wash hands both before and after going through security checkpoints. But always remember that washing your hands with a good old soap and water for 20 seconds is still better than hand sanitizer or wearing gloves.

Always wear your face masks. Face masks have now been made mandatory by all countries around the world when traveling. But remember that masks can become damp and lose their efficacy over time, travelers on longer flights are recommended to change masks every four hours.

Monitor yourself. When traveling, passengers should always monitor themselves for symptoms and reach out to their primary care physicians if necessary. All travelers should be vigilant regardless of their destinations.