TBDG holds first special project training for 2022

First Special Training for 2022 focuses on Savoy Mactan and Belmont Mactan.

For the year 2022, the theme of Megaworld International is to SPRING FORTH and a fitting way to start the year is to enhance our competence through continuous learning.

Yes, learning new topics and acquiring new and advanced selling techniques are just some of the ways for us to spring forth and exceed and that’s where the assistance of the Training and Business Development Group (TBDG) is needed. 

As we kick off to greater heights this year, the Training and Business Development Group conducted a special training last January 21, 2022. Both the morning and evening sessions were well-attended by International property ambassadors and core group members from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

Topics that were discussed were the endless possibilities and opportunities that one can explore as they invest, live and retire in the Island of Cebu particularly inside Megaworld’s 30-hectare development in Lapu-Lapu City, the Mactan Newtown.

Jolo of TBD navigates the TBD CLoud and Agents' Hub.
Kirk of Marketing discusses the 'Bigger, Better and Safer' Titanium VIP Access

Aside from discussing the interesting topics about Cebu province, the highlight was a presentation of the advantages of investing in our condotels, the Savoy Hotel Mactan that was opened in 2019, and the Belmont Hotel Mactan which is set to have a target turnover this 2022. In addition to these, a brief history and profile of all of Megaworld’s homegrown brands of hotels were discussed from the very first hotel in Ortigas, the Richmonde Hotel, to the recently turned over condotel in Westside City, the Kingsford Hotel. And to sum it up, TBD invited 4 seasoned core group members to share their testimonials about their investments in Cebu and in our condotels.

Truly, these two sessions gave the attendees not just the full knowledge about the province, about Mactan Newtown and its offerings but also a hope that despite the global pandemic, there is still a great demand for condotels and that the hospitality industry is still thriving.

Stay tuned for TBD’s next special training on March 18, a week after the 15th batch of On the Scout Recruitment webinar happening on March 11, 2022.

The 15th session of TBD's On The Scout which is happening now, March 11, 2022.