Take the Arcovia Palazzo 360 tour

Megaworld International launches its first-ever 360 walkthrough

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a virtual tour is worth. 

Technology has greatly shaped the way real estate projects are marketed in the contemporary industry. For engaging customers and clients, virtual tours have turned out to be a really effective tool for real estate companies. It grabs the attention of viewers, targets specific segments of customers, and offers businesses huge savings in time and money. In these challenging times, where most people are staying inside their homes because of the pandemic, virtual tours are getting huge attention. 

Take a look inside Arcovia Palazzo (Altea Tower).

Megaworld International recently launched its first virtual tour for a residential condominium, the Arcovia Palazzo 360 Tour. Viewers can take a step inside Megaworld’s 12.3-hectare Arcovia City township located along C5 Road in Pasig City and experience city living complete with a tour in Arcovia Parade, a dining strip that houses McDonald’s, Starbucks, Popeyes, and Landers Superstore, not to mention, a closer look at the iconic Arco de Emperedor monument and museum. 

To complete the virtual experience, viewers can also take a walkthrough inside Arcovia Palazzo, Megaworld’s second residential development in Arcovia City. The 360 tour offers a detailed look inside the studio and 1-bedroom units of the 40-storey Altea Tower complete with a tour in the main lobby, function room, and pool deck.

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