sustainability and innovation in the new reality summit

Building on the success of the first-ever virtual Philippine Real Estate Investment Summit held last July 11, 2020. Megaworld has one-upped itself by convening three of the best Filipino Minds to discuss and impart to the world their vision of a Sustainable and Innovative future for the betterment of Filipino Lives.

The first great mind to grace the floor is Senator Pia Cayetano 一A Lawmaker, a Triathlete, and a Lawmaker一 with her insights on the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous state of the world and how it will affect the country and citizens on a more personal level. She explored the necessary actions that must be taken in order for the different sectors of our country to adapt and thrive on the ever-changing landscape of Education, Healthcare, and the Workforce. Senator Cayetano expounded on the sentiments of what she calls “Futurists” on what the Education Sector should be teaching our students in order for them to be fully adept to take on the world. She explains that most of the world’s current educational system still teaches its students 20th Century skills which focuses more on the transmission of knowledge that is no longer as relevant in the 21st Century; Current education practices should focus more on the honing of the student’s skills in the field of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity – Skills which she claims that Futurists visualize as the primary skill needed by the students to excel in the 21st Century. 

Senator Pia Cayetano talked about the future of healthcare, workforce and smart cities.

On the sector of the Workforce, Senator Pia shared that the workforce must continuously adapt in order for them to remain competitive. As the World Economic Forum claims, 50% of the workforce will be automated by the year 2030 and about 5% of the workforce will lose their jobs due to automation. The percentage of the workforce automation compared to the percentage of the workforce that might lose their jobs is greatly disproportionate primarily because the automation of the workforce still requires manpower to oversee the automated process; as the speaker claims, the workforce adaptability must be held on a Long Term Basis because technology will continue to progress over the years. 

As for the Health Sector, Senator Pia explains that Futurists predict that the future of healthcare is directly correlated to the development of Smart Cities. Interconnectivity in the field of medicine will make it easier for the patient and the doctor to exchange information that would provide faster diagnosis and easier issuance of prescriptions. 

AGI's CEO Mr. Kevin L. Tan discussed the initiatives of AGI in the field of digitalization, energy efficiency, security and sustainability.

The second speaker to grace the spotlight is Alliance Global’s very own Chief Executive Officer and Megaworld Corporations Chief Strategic Officer, Mr. Kevin Andrew L. Tan. Mr. Tan expressed his sentiments on the gravitas of the word “Sustainability” in today’s pandemic-ridden world. Mr. Tan eloquently shared Megaworld’s humble past and Megaworld’s grandiose vision for the future of the company and of the country. Despite the pandemic plaguing the world Megaworld continues to Innovate its intricately planned developments in terms of Energy Efficiency, Security, Digital Technology Integration, and its Stakeholders’ Health and Wellness. Following on the idea of Senator Pia regarding the future of Healthcare which she claims will be interrelated with the development of Smart Cities; Mr. Tan shared the idea-turned-reality concept of Megaworld’s iTownships. A development that combines the Live-Work-Play Learn aspect of Megaworld’s Townships and introducing new technologies that further the cause of the 21st Centuries call for Digitalization.

Megaworld International's SVP Ms. Marivic Acosta presented the vital roles of Megaworld and its subsidiaries in sustainability and innovation.

The third venerable speaker of the event is Megaworld International’s very own Managing Director, Ms. Maria Victoria Acosta. 

She shared the humble beginnings of Megaworld Corporation as well as that of Megaworld International and its journey as the Top Player in the Real Estate Industry in the Philippines. Ms. Acosta boasts of Megaworld Corporation and its Subsidiaries Contribution to the development of the Philippines through their top-notch and intricately designed developments that prioritize Sustainability through Innovation. Ms. Acosta shared how Megaworld International was able to establish a foothold on almost all of the continents of the world and the subsequent benefit of Megaworld’s international presence for the country. Aside from venturing out into the world, Megaworld Corporation has also taken care of its own by pioneering life-changing CSR programs as a form of humanitarian investment through its Megaworld Foundation. Megaworld’s dedication to the development of the future generation of the Philippines is shown by the feats achieved by Megaworld Scholars throughout the country. Megaworld International has answered the call of its Chairman Dr. Andrew L. Tan to strengthen the fight against CoVid19 by institutionalizing stringent measures against the virus on all of its local and international offices, Megawrold International also spearheaded the Mask Tagumpay campaign through the leadership of Ms. Acosta to give importance on the necessity of wearing a mask to combat the spread of the virus a well as doing our best to alleviate the plight of our heroic healthcare workers. Ms. Acosta ended her part by sharing the current innovations applied in the Townships of Megaworld Corporation as well as the new programs of Megaworld’s Property Management Arm; FOPM, that would institutionalize digital interconnectivity in all of Megaworld Corporation’s Developments.