Southern Luzon: Marching Onward, Forward

Southern Luzon: Marching Onward, Forward celebrates Megaworld’s projects in the south especially in Calabarzon.

The summit also awarded exemplary people in their own various fields. MWI called it “The Search for Megaworld’s Exemplary Global Achievers” or the MEGA awards.

The MEGA awards has awarded various individuals who have excelled and have helped the community not just our nation but also globally. As part of the Megaworld International family, I feel proud of my fellow Megaworld International network for not just helping Megaworld but also the community because without the solid foundation of our community and its networks, Megaworld International would not be where it is today.

We also saw a magnificent and alluring rendition of the song “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas” by Shanelle Audrey Singson, a former finalist of Megaworld International’s MegaVoice Kids.

Megaworld International, despite the pandemic, has continued to pioneer and embrace the challenges by innovating better ways of communicating with our networks and clients. And the Southern Luzon summit is one of them.

As we continue to march onward, forward, we will have more online events despite being away from each other. Megaworld International will always make sure that no matter where we are, we are still together.