Renewing wellness in the time of crisis

Partial line-up of Megaworld International's Wellness Session during the 2nd half of 2020

The daily life in the new normal has changed in a glimpse. Although new changes took time for us to be comfortable with, we move forward with an optimistic outlook. With self-care essential in taking care of one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, the wellness session was created to cope up with the current situation and changes constantly happening around us.

Ms. Maria Victoria Acosta leading the Wellness Session "Prayer: The Power of Men"
A savory Wellness Session "Let's Bake" by Ms. Jessica Villanueva-Tan.

The series of sessions varied in interactive and engaging activities such as weekly spiritual reflection: an interactive faith-meditation, creative paper-folding or origami, calligraphy that induced the creative juices of employees and a ‘what’s in my bag’ where participants would share their essentials in the midst of pandemic and for those who rekindled their love for cooking and baking during the quarantine, we have a savory and sweet baker’s at heart baking session.

In adjusting to the new normal transitioning from at-home to the workplace, the wellness program is Megaworld International’s effort in promoting a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating engaging activities to employees is one of the initiatives in creating a positive energy in the workplace, aid to reduce stress, improve relationships among employees while making them feel good in areas of life, including work.