On The Scout, Level Up!

By Karen Therese Casalme

It has to be something new.

Since our first On The Scout back May 16, 2021, this thought has always been the team challenge. With all the gathered feedback from the previous sessions, the Training and Business Development Group always strives to improve the next one.

During the main event of the first-ever Virtual Property Expo held last July 31, 2021, they knew what they had to do. It wouldn’t just be new, but something grand, too. This is when the team agreed to do a live broadcast similar to a TED Talk.

A TED talk, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is usually seen as a showcase of speakers presenting well-formed ideas within a short amount of time. For technology, the speakers used a microphone and a lapel to speak instead of the common Zoom setup. Through a great space, background music, and minimal visuals, the team were able to pull off both the entertainment and design aspects to complete their desired approach. The only thing they need to achieve then is to put their message across all aspiring property ambassadors.

This was made possible by the great lineup. Vice President for Training and Business Development, Mr. Gerard Jude Vito, opened the event doors as he pointed out the reasons to choose a career in real estate. Considering the flexible working hours, consumer demand, and earning potential, he is true to his word when he said it’s a winning opportunity for all. As he encourages everyone to pursue this career, he stated, 

“The experience becomes better when you have people around you that you can rely on and learn from, and the experience becomes best when you make others winners, too.”

To prove his case further, he turned over the virtual floor to their guest speakers – Karina Salve Untalan of Europe 2 and John Leonard Burdeos of  North America 1 Team Sheila. They are two of the best products in Megaworld International, with one being the first and youngest Senior Country Manager in her team and the other being a Country Manager after only six months of being an associate, respectively. Karina’s talk revolved around passion and how it makes a good salesperson. Meanwhile, Leonard emphasized that recruitment is as important as selling because he believes that everything starts with a strong foundation. As their presentations weave together, there can only be one conclusion: a career in real estate requires both mind and heart. 

As we speak of the heart, the session ended with Karen Casalme, who made us feel that Megaworld International is a company after its people and the community. She ran through the two types of motivation aspiring global ambassadors would find as they join the team. Aside from the competitive commission packages and incentives, they can also expect enhancement of their skills, improvement in their well-being, and a society made better. Being a Megaworld Foundation scholar, she knows very well what a huge difference they make without them even knowing. 


Upon turning the cameras off, the venue was filled with the biggest smiles of the day. There were also 53 newly signed global ambassadors during the event period! The Training and Business Development felt they succeeded in what they had to do. They had a new approach and even left a new feeling to all viewers: a feeling that each day in Megaworld International is a day to be grateful for. 

Keep updated and join them in their next session! 🙂