#MWIUnited: Rock with masks

Marivic Acosta Mask United

One big change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the increased use of masks in public. To show that Megaworld International community is one in fighting this invisible enemy, we launched a campaign #MaskUnited wherein people are encouraged to post a picture wearing a mask. 

But how effective are they in protecting you from the virus while wearing one? And how can they protect those around you? Masks won’t do much to protect you from inhaling particles that carry the virus. But they do protect wearers from possibly spreading the virus to others. Additionally, the masks serve as a really helpful physical barrier when you cough or sneeze.

Dr Andrew Tan Mask United

Despite the trying situation that we are facing today, there should only be one fight for our nation and the world today, our shared battle against this virus. There should only be one task for our nation and the world today, our shared faith and hope in God’s saving grace and shared humanity to love and pray for our brothers and sisters who are either affected or afflicted with this disease.

Mask United if we all work together in solidarity to stop this virus from spreading. Let us all wear masks to show our solidarity and to save each other from the deadly virus.

The stellar campaign was initiated by Resorts World Manila and Megaworld International eagerly responded to the mask challenge by Chairman Dr. Andrew L. Tan by promoting the safety of wearing masks to our global market.