Megaworld International burns the midnight oil during these dark times

Megaworld International keeps on striving to improve even though the means to do so are very limited, Megaworld International still found a way to give its sales networks and employees a platform to hone their skills and to acquire new skill sets and information that could greatly help them with their sales goals for the given year despite the bear-like trajectory of the market.

Email Marketing by Ms. Mia Buenaventura (inset) of Marketing, Research and Customer Care Group


Ms. Mia Buenaventura, the Senior Assistant Vice President for Megaworld International’s Marketing, Research, & Customer Care Group delivered an educational Webinar to educate the attendees about effective email marketing. She discussed the proper ways to fully utilize the scope and reach of email marketing to establish a relationship with a soon-to-be customer or to further strengthen the relationship built with that of an existing customer.

After the fundamentals of email marketing were tackled, the speaker then headed over to give somewhat of a refresher course to the attendees, with the intention of helping the attendees avoid the hither and tither of crafting the content of the emails that they will be using for their email marketing strategy. The attendees finished the webinar with brand new marketing knowledge that will surely help them with their sales goals.

MailChimp 101 by Justin Karl Imperial (inset) of Marketing, Research and Customer Care Group


Email has always been used since the inception of the World Wide Web and even up till now, it is still widely used by everyone. Megaworld International has decided to improve its email marketing efforts by conducting a seminar about MailChimp. MailChimp utilizes email marketing and improves on it.

Mr. Justin Imperial, the speaker, has taught the basics of MailChimp and how to navigate around it. The attendees have learned how to make a simple but beautiful email template and was also taught how to send it to all their networks using an email campaign.

The webinar was a step-by-step beginner guide to get started with MailChimp and to be able to send your first email campaign.

Canva 101 by Francis Calixto (inset) of Marketing and Research Group


They say that an image is worth more than a thousand words. This adage cannot be any truer in the digital age where people are skimming through hundreds and hundreds of information on an hourly basis and what’s the best way to catch the reader’s attention? Show them an image! In this Webinar, the in-house graphic artist of Megaworld International, Mr. Francisco Calixto shares his knowledge in creating effective visual content that will convey our message to hundreds and thousands of people in a span of a few seconds. He teaches the attendees how to navigate the user interface of Canva, an online graphic design platform that is widely popular for its ease of use. 

The speaker first went over the basic principles of visual content design, to ensure that the audience – should they plan on making their own visual content – would have a firm grasp of coherent and visually appealing content. After covering the basics of visual content design, the speaker then proceeded to delve into the basics of navigating the platform’s user interface. Once the audience has a firm grasp of the basics of Canva, the speaker then gave very useful tips and tricks that the attendees can use to further increase the value of their digital content.

Customer Service in the New Reality by Christagale Caole of Marketing, Reasearch and Customer Care Group


Megaworld International has always prided themselves on how they take care of their customers and they would like to share with their sales network how they care for their customers during these trying times. Ms. Christagale Caole, Megaworld International’s Customer Care Group  Manager shared inspiring messages during her Webinar titled; Customer Service in the New Reality. 

The speaker tells the attendees that empathy is the key to understanding the customer’s problem, one must first listen to their customer’s sentiment in order for a solution to be identified which in turn helps the customer. Empathy helps us level with the customer and build a relationship that goes beyond that of what is expected. The attendees responded warmly by sharing their own experiences with their customers, and their experiences affirms the speaker’s words that understanding your customer is the first step in finding a solution. Ms. Caole then gave technical information that could help the agents if they happen to encounter problems, she assures the agents that the Customer Care Group is always ready to assist the agents and their customers.

Social Media Marketing by Kirk Patrick Cabantog (inset) of Marketing and Research Group


Mr. Patrick Cabantog of the Marketing and Research Group spearheaded the first of a three-part webinar series that will tackle everything there is to know about Digital Marketing and its Social Media facet. His topic anchors on the basic concept and application, by giving the attendees a virtual understanding of the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. 

He then gave an in-depth overview of the reach of both digital and social media marketing, reaching for about billions of unique users at a time. Mr. Cabantog then gave the current situation of people’s internet usage during the time of this pandemic wherein the majority;  if not all of the world’s population is forced to stay-at-home. The attendees finished the webinar with a refreshed overview of the current Digital & Social Media Marketing Environment that could help them with how they reach their customers during this time of global crisis, the knowledge that the attendees got during the first part of the webinar series would greatly help them as they move along the more intrinsic discussions about digital and social media marketing in the following webinar sessions.

Sir Bryan Snippet
Ad Content Creation by Bryan Plazo (inset) of Asia Pacific 2


For the second installment of the Digital and Social Media Marketing webinar series of Megaworld International, Mr. Bryan Plazo of Asia Pacific 2, venture to shed more light on the topic of Digital Marketing. 

Mr. Plazo’s part of the series is aimed to give the audience an intrinsic insight as to how they can strategically identify their target market and its corresponding demographics as well as the way the business can reach their audience. He untangles the mystery that has bewildered most aspiring marketers; from the Macro-Perspective down to the Micro-View of engaging and pulling the attention of your target audience. The audience were immersed in a highly engaging webinar that necessitates their inputs in a controlled scenario in order for them to virtually apply the knowledge that they have gained from Mr. Plazo, this would accentuate the principles of Digital Marketing that the speaker has shared in hopes of the attendees using it to further push their sales trajectory upwards.

Social Media Strategy by Ruffy Natividad (inset) of Middle East 2 Region


Middle East 2’s very own Country Manager – Mr. Ruffy Natividad, shares his expertise when it comes to Social Media Marketing Strategies on the Third Installment of the Digital and Social Marketing Webinar series. Mr. Natividad is an expert in the field of marketing as evidenced by his proficiency in the advertising industry in the Middle East as well as his academic distinctions in the same field. He gives the attendees a heuristic guide to help them make sure that their Advertising Campaigns will reach the right audience, making the most out of their campaign. 

The speaker starts by familiarizing the attendees with the industry terminologies that would help them navigate through the strategic process of conceptualizing an advertising campaign. Once the attendees had a firm understanding of the terminologies used in conceptualizing an advertising campaign, he then proceeded to give the attendees a front-row seat in the execution of a Social Media Advertising Campaign based of on the principles of the conceptualized strategy, the speaker used Facebook as his sample platform to execute his sample campaign. After his step-by-step guide of the execution of a campaign, he then proceeded to give the attendees various ways to evaluate the performance of the campaign by giving them various insights as to how they can translate the data gathered by their social media campaign into measurable information that could benefit their future social media advertisement campaign strategies.

Barbie Bartolome (inset) during one of Sales Operation's series of Special Trainings to international property ambassadors

Megaworld International also swiftly responded to Megaworld’s new reality by holding a series of Sales Operations and Training and Business Development online trainings via Zoom to improve knowledge and skills of the sales network.