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Megaworld bets big on San Fernando with one-of-a-kind township

Capital Town Township Pampanga

Wide roads, generous open spaces, and the distinct charm of the former Pasudeco site puts this Pampanga township in a class of its own

If you take a closer look, there are thousands of stories that can be explored in delicious cuisines, embedded in vast landscapes, and mirrored even in the wrinkled smiles of people. Going back to how it all began is as essential in envisioning the future.

The City of San Fernando in Pampanga is one of the archipelago’s many destinations that puts prime importance in its colorful past and rich heritage.

Take for example the storied past of one of its most historic institutions, the Pampanga Sugar Development Company (PASUDECO). Established in 1918 or a hundred years ago, Pasudeco paved the way for the economic progress the city enjoyed for decades.

The history of Pasudeco—the first Filipino-financed sugar mill in the country—has proudly become a testament to the resilience and progress of the City of San Fernando. Today, the city has become home to people ready to live their dreams while embracing a culture built on a proud history and a promising future. 

The potential of the city becoming a major economic player has become evident now more than ever, particularly with the rise of Capital Town—another landmark township development by property giant Megaworld Corporation.

A future built on heritage and progress

Chelsea Parkplace Capital Town Pampanga Pool

With Megaworld bringing its township expertise to Northern Luzon for the first time, Capital Town is poised to rise as the premier business district in the North. It takes cues from the company’s impressive track record of building vibrant township communities like Eastwood City in Quezon City, Iloilo Business Park in Iloilo, McKinley HillMcKinley West, and Uptown Bonifacio in Fort Bonifacio.

The 35.6-hectare township stands as a proof that a commercial district, residential communities, and a leisure hub can all thrive in harmony by taking inspiration from a place’s vibrant culture. Set near the Pampanga Provincial Capital, the township is devoting 25 percent to green and open spaces as a way to reinforce the city’s heritage while strengthening its foundations as the premier business district of the North.

Capital Town will house statues of Pasudeco founders, as well as a museum in honor of the institution that helped build the city to what it is today.

Budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can look forward to owning an address of their own within Capital Town via the three-level Shophouse District. This feature, inspired by Neoclassical architecture with Art Deco details reminiscent of the prosperous 1950s era, exudes an old-world charm while also becoming an ideal platform where unique and creative business concepts find a home to blossom into fruition.

A rewarding lifestyle at Chelsea Parkplace

Chelsea Parkplace Capital Town Pampanga Room

With the launch of Chelsea Parkplace, the first residential development in Capital Town, you can create your own space in what will soon become the center of art and culture in the city.

Offering stunning views of Mount Arayat, Manila Bay, and Pampanga’s skyline, the 12-storey residential condominium development exudes a dynamic vibe that blends well with the culture-centric aesthetics of the City of San Fernando.

Chelsea Parkplace offers the perfect vantage point to appreciate the beauty of Capital Town. All units will have balconies that offer picturesque views of the Central Square—a scenic open area where people can unwind, meet up, or take a breather—the museum, and a soon-to-rise mall. It will also be housing the iconic Casa de Emperador together with BPO offices.

Like living in any progressive community, opting for a home at Chelsea Parkplace will give you access to world-class institutions within Capital Town, including schools, delis and coffee shops, a fitness center, markets, theaters, restaurants, and a speakeasy bar called “The Other Room.”

Creating a story fit for the future begins with choosing a community where sophistication, culture, and convenience are all well-within reach. Imagine a more rewarding way to do just that than by calling Chelsea Parkplace at Capital Town your home.

Source: Megaworldcorp

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