Lockdown Series: Virtual roadshows and events during the pandemic

The pandemic changed the way Megaworld International do events, seminars and roadshows but it did not hinder its networks to offer good investments and opportunities to people around the world. For the past two months, MWI networks conducted several roadshows and presentations through Zoom Applications. Here are some of the events that happened;

Asia Pacific 2

Asia Pacific 2 conducted a series of events entitled “Online Property Conference”, “Online Accreditation Conference”, “PKS session for new members” and “PKS  for Marketing Partners Wealth Nest Realty Corp PKS Session” last May and June 3& 5, 2020. Their focus projects are Arcovia Altea, Belmont Mactan  Arden Botanical, Amadea, Asmara, Solana, Paddington Place, Governor Hills and Cyberville. Each webinars was attended by 16 to 54 participants. According to their VP, Mr.Bryan Plazo, they came up with these events because of team effort, from both their core group from Philippines and Singapore. They have invited the participants through email and through our official facebook page. They have also utilized the Facebook boosting to further our reach.

Also, according to Mr. Plazo, the events contributed to their monthly sales and it would be a great addition to their traditional means to source out sales especially during these times of crisis. “Online is definitely a game changer and has far more reach with limitless capabilities and potential. It will surely improve as we go by and utilize it so we have to keep up to compete in the market”, Mr. Plazo said.

The network still has definite plans to continue e-roadshows.

Middle East 1

Middle East 1 also conducted an investment forum last May 16, 2020 entitled “Investment Forum for Other Nationalities”. They used telemarketing and WhatsApp messaging in inviting and following up the attendees. According to Ms. Beberlyn Asperilla, VP for Sales of MEA1, the online event helped her to connect with her team and to redirect their business plans and strategies. 

According to her, “It is a very important communication channel to connect with our prospective investors and to discuss the projects of Megaworld at their own convenient time and comfort while staying at home.” They are planning to conduct events on a weekly basis.