Kasanag kag Kalipay: Dinagyang Festival 2021 at Iloilo Business Park

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Photo Courtesy of Explore Iloilo

The eight-day long festival started with a light-hearted Dinagyang Bike Fun Ride where cyclists and fitness enthusiasts roamed the scenic Park Square of Iloilo Business Park with their bicycles alike. 

Dinagyang Bike Fun Ride at Iloilo Business Park. Photo from Festival Walk Mall Iloilo

The second event titled One Iloilo Dinagyang Fair was held in the indoor atrium of Festive Walk Mall at Iloilo Business Park. The Dinagyang Fair aimed to showcase Iloilo’s grassroots artists and craftsmen by filling the atrium to the brim with their handcrafted goods and arts.

Visiting Iloilo during the Dinagyang Festival can never be a complete experience without tasting the richness of Iloilo cuisine first-hand. The festival aimed at providing the full Dinagyang experience by giving the local cuisine its own 3-day segment in the weeklong festivities. Participants were able to experience a full array of local cuisine at the Festive Walk Parade.

One Iloilo Dinagyang Fair A wide array of locally-made goods and products of Ilonggos, showcasing their artisanship. Photo from Festival Walk Mall Iloilo

The much-awaited Dinagyang Warriors-Parade took place on the 23rd of January at the Megaworld Boulevard. Festival-goers witnessed the colorful and awe-inspiring Dinagyang warriors as they paraded their colorful regalia as an ode to the warriors of old that defended the majestic land of Iloilo.

The festivities came to an amazing conclusion on the night of January 24 as they filled the night sky with a plethora of lights and colors as they unleashed a magnificent light show ensemble that mesmerized the crowd giving them a night of amazement and awe that can only be had at Iloilo!

Dinagyang Food Walk: Drive-thru & Takeout at Festive Walk Parade A delectable diverse of Iloilo's rich cuisine, ready to feast on your taste buds! Photo from Festival Walk Mall Iloilo