Just Scouted: TBD Group launches its first online recruitment campaign

By Maq Agapito of Training and Business Development Group

The onset of this pandemic has proved to be a very challenging period in every sector, industry and companies to meet organizational goals. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining; and that those who reach them will never be lost in chaos. Adaptability, innovation and creativity are not new concepts, but our present situation has reinforced these values to be integrated in our work platforms, allowing teams to create strategies that cater to their objectives.

Mr. Gerard Jude Vito talked about how Megaworld Corporation and Megaworld International are shaping the nation through its world-class township developments

Recruitment has always been a top priority, and digitization has made this possible even amidst a pandemic.  With this, the Training and Business Development Group has launched its online recruitment campaign via Zoom, dubbed as, “On The Scout: The Next Global Property Ambassadors”. It is an enriching webinar that aims to encourage our future international property ambassadors leverage their passive income through real estate.

Mr. Maq Agapito (inset) talked about the many benefits of leveraging passive income through real estate

The past (6) six successful runs were held last May 16, May 30 and June 20, 2020. Mr. Gerard Vito, Head of Training and Business Development Group, Mr. John Peñalfor, Training Manager, and Mr. Maq Agapito, Business Development Manager, have joined forces as event speakers.

Leading to the event dates were anticipation of raffle draw winners who have won a free hotel stay at Savoy Hotel Manila, an e-gift which can be used in over 6,000 merchants, or a free online course. At the conclusion of the events, Dennis Navarez (North America 4), Paula Bianca Sarmiento (North America 1) and Ivy Rasmussen (Europe 2) have been the lucky raffle draw winners in their respective batches. Daisy Lavarias (North America 1), John Leonard Burdeos (North America 1), and Czarina Mae Bislig (Asia Pacific 3) have been awarded as the Top Marketing Associate Recruiter from their batch and have also received special prizes. Further, Mr. Eric Dimaiwat (North America 1), Ms. Sheila Maducdoc (North America 1), and Ms. Ethel Lim (Europe 2) have emerged to be the Top Territory Marketing Associate Recruiter on the first three runs.

Mr. John Peñaflor shared the profile of Megaworld Corporation and Megaworld International together with various focus projects to new international property ambassadors

Overall, the (45) forty five-day campaign has provided valuable insights to (877) eight hundred seventy seven attendees and has welcomed an additional (194) one hundred ninety four new Marketing Associates as international property ambassadors. This was followed up by an extensive special training session for the newly recruited Marketing Associates the week after each event was conducted.

With the campaign’s success, Training and Business Development Group is set take advantage of people’s sudden shift to video communications technology and maximize its digital platforms by continuing to set up online recruitment campaigns once a month for 2020.