From the Desk of the SVP

In the recent Midyear Planning and Awards Night conducted via Zoom, I was pleased to see everyone smiling, healthy and joyous. This is the Megaworld International that I’ve always known. No matter what is thrown our way, a volcano erupting, an earthquake, bush fires, political unrest or this COVID-19 pandemic, we always find our way back to each other, to our Megaworld International family. Yes. We are a family. That is such a basic and important concept we have to remember. 

What is a family? A family is a unit with members who are bonded together. In MWI’s case, we may not be bonded by blood, but we are definitely bonded or united in strength, in prayer, in our service and compassion to others, and in our goals as a division. A challenging moment like this is also the perfect time to live our MWI family values, now more than ever, we need loyalty, hard work, excellence and malasakit.

This COVID-19 pandemic brought out the best in us, we have never been closer, and more responsive to each other’s needs. I am proud and inspired by the way we have risen to this challenge – with flexibility, resilience, courage and a caring heart. Yes, in each and every one of us is a COVID Warrior. Thank you for the enormous contributions of your time and effort. Our warrior hearts kept us going. I know we have been very busy the past few months but we are now reaping a bountiful harvest from our efforts.

Now I am more convinced that the battle cry that we claimed for this year is God-given. Exceed! We go from strength to strength. It is in times of crisis that heroes are born. This is the moment for extra effort, for going the extra mile, for daring to Exceed! Know that your priceless efforts will make a huge difference not only to our personal lives, but also to our division, to our company, to our society and to our nation.

There is a lot of work left to do, but I have faith that we are up to the challenge. By working together and supporting one another, we will come through this a stronger and more united MWI family.

God bless you all!

Ms. Maria Victoria M Acosta
Senior Vice President and Managing Director
Megaworld International