From the desk of the EVP

Megaworld International recently held its first virtual property expo, “Revolutionizing the Future of Real Estate”, and we are grateful for the presence of Megaworld key officials, economic experts, and industry leaders both from the public and private sectors who all made this month-long expo a success.

The property expo has truly become a global gathering, a world-class event, where transformative ideas are shared, positive projections are delivered, and investments in the Philippines are assured.

Megaworld Corporation has always been an active partner in national economic development and overall nation building. Megaworld’s strong performance in the previous years helped prepare the company in the unforseen challenges of 2020. Despite the changes in the economic and business landscape, the company’s vision and mission remained unchanged. The company’s values: excellence, agility and innovation, continue to bring Megaworld at the forefront of leading change that revolutionizes the future of real estate in the Philippines.

Megaworld International, the global marketing arm of Megaworld Corp., supports the vision of its chairman, Dr. Andrew L. Tan, to uplift the lives of Filipinos, impact society and help shape the nation. The reason the company strives for excellence is for none other than its  clients who continue to believe in the resilience of the Philippines as a viable investment option.  

With the conclusion of the property expo, Megaworld has taken an active stance to show the world that the Philippines’ property landscape is healthy and thriving, supported by companies like Megaworld who is a leader in change and a model of strength and stability, sustainability and innovation.

Thank you and God bless.