from the desk of svp

The New Year brings thoughts of joy, gratitude, and hope, and I am glad to express all these in the first issue of Across Borders for the year.

Ten months into the worst health crisis we have endured, we can not deny COVID-19’s impact on humanity. Our international activities abroad have been affected due to quarantine and lockdown rules, but we have surpassed these challenges by rising and exceeding.

The way we do business has shifted and the way we work has changed. For this New Reality, Megaworld International has swiftly adapted with a sense of compassion to others, a renewed commitment and drive, a re-focusing on training and skills development, and a fast transition to digitalization, all the while staying focused on company goals.

We have weathered the greatest of storms in 2020, but what usually comes after a storm? A bright new day and even a rainbow that promises better things to come. I am sure 2021 will present new challenges but nothing is impossible with prayer, faith, and our own perseverance and hard work.

True to its battle cry, Megaworld International exceeded sales performance by landing in the top spot once again, proof that our collective efforts and sacrifices, fueled by our strong faith in God will always be our path to success. 

As we reflect upon the achievements of this year and look forward with a positive and grateful spirit, we are reminded that our Lord and Savior is our best defense against any storm that may come. 

Thank you and God bless.