Expand your knowledge using e-books and Audiobooks

Nowadays we’re always busy and moving on to the next thing. We usually don’t have time to read but as we all know, knowledge is power and learning should not stop in school. And one of the best and timeless ways of learning has and always will be reading books.

But as we’ve said, if you’re busy and don’t have time to read, finding time could provide a challenge for you. And right now, with the current pandemic, we can’t go out as much and buy our favorite books and hangout in our favorite coffee shops to read there either.

However, even if we’re busy, we always do have small windows of free time! When we’re commuting, doing a mindless task in front of a computer, driving, washing the dishes, or even while we do our business in the toilet. We could squeeze in extra knowledge and read a book in these seemingly “busy” times.

Of course, we can bring a book with us, or download a pdf and put it on our phones but there are times where we can’t always do that.

What if we actually don’t have the physical book? What if we forgot to download the pdf? Or better yet, what if we’re driving? We need to always keep our eyes on the road!

An app that I personally use is Scribd. I have been using Scribd for a few years now and have read more books than I usually do and I’m not an avid reader at all! Yes, I read articles on the internet and social media but I rarely ever do read actual books. Whenever I commute, which sometimes can last for 3 hours in Metro Manila, I find myself always wanting to make use of that valuable time for something useful. Yes, I could watch Youtube or Netflix but what better way to spend your time than learning and reading a book.

And speaking of Netflix, Scribd is just like Netflix. It is essentially Netflix for books.

Scribd allows you to read thousands of books on-the-go wherever you are as long as you have access to the internet. Although, if you’re expecting your internet to go down, you can also download the book from the app and read offline, just like Netflix!

If you’re driving or washing the dishes, you can also listen to audiobooks from the app.

What’s cool about Scribd is you can also read on your computer and switch back and forth between mobile and on your computer. Scribd will remember where you last left off so there’s no need to remember the last page you were on. Although, if you do need to remember something, you can always bookmark a page or highlight paragraphs in the ebook.

There are other alternatives like Kindle Unlimited and Audible but I personally prefer Scribd because it’s the cheapest.

Another app I use alongside Scribd is Goodreads. It also has a website where you can find good books to read since it has extensive reviews from other users. If you’re like me who is very picky and easily drops a book that bores me, finding a book suited for me on Goodreads is essential. You can also make a list of books you want to read so you won’t forget to read them. After reading, you can mark it as “read” and even give it a review.