Audit Matters

Audit Team

Internal Audit is an independent consulting group that evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizations controls to help improve operations and safeguard assets.

In the year 2013, MWI established the Internal Audit Group as it expands its operations in global markets. Through the years, the team has established MWI guidelines and processes in accordance with Megaworld Corporation Policies. 

FAST FACTS: Here are some types of Audit done by the team

  1. Operational Audit -evaluates performance of a particular function or department to asses its efficiency and effectiveness.  Operational policies related to MWI objectives, internal controls, processes and procedures, management of assets and information.
  2. Compliance Audit – ensure adherence to standards, policies and procedures 
  3. Budget Audit- inspect and analyzes budget transactions and appropriation of resources
  4. Investigative Audit- relates to investigations of fraud and suspicious activities
Audit Team 2

The Covid 19 pandemic has a great impact on the global economy. It has affected our financial, professional and social environment. A lot of people today are facing difficulties due to this crisis.  

Indirectly our Audit team has been providing you with   corporate financial and budget management tools that you can use on your own personal household cashflow.  This includes creating budget and tracking expenses, distinguishing between needs and wants, and using resources wisely. Audit Team further shares with you how you can improve your efficiency and processes as professionals which you can apply as life lessons.

In conclusion, people should shift their police function perception of Internal Audit to its genuine intent of contributing to enhancing process and providing value to the company and in the process help individual’s personal development. AUDIT MATTERS.

MWI Audit Team: Jessica Villanueva-Tan (Head), Paulo Dela Cruz, Rose Anne Pili, Jason Padama, Samantha Binuya and the newest member, Daniel Vicente.