Twin Lakes Vineyard Residence

Every condominium cluster at Twin Lakes is a symbol of life at the top. Units come with one to two bedrooms, while the modern comforts and conveniences and play amenities available rival those in urban condo communities.

The condominiums, called the Twin Lakes Vineyard Residence, consists of three buildings of low-rise condominiums namely: Merlot, which has eight storeys with seven sellable floors, having a total of  81 units; Chardonnay, which has seven storeys with six sellable floors, having a total of 70 units; and Shiraz which has six storeys with five sellable floors, having a total of  59 units. Merlot and Chardonnay are already up for sale.

Every floor has 11 units except for the second floor, which has 15 units. Every unit has a balcony, while units at the second floor will have a pocket garden, and units at the third floor will have skylight.

The condominium units have one bedroom units having the size of 37 to 49 square meters, and two-bedroom units having the size of 74 to 81 square meters.



Twin Lakes Vineyard Residence Location

Located in Tagaytay and Laurel, Twin Lakes encompasses 1,149 hectares designed to be the premier medical and educational tourism estate. Provides refreshing views of famous Taal Lake and Volcano Offers a cool mountain breeze amid rugged terrain and a man-made lake. 

Nature's hand shapes the landscape of Tagaytay - undulating terrain, steep slopes and a vast expanse of green that draws the eye all the way down to Taal Lake and the renowned volcano within. Blessed with a gentle climate, the city is embraced by cool mountain breezes day and night. And here, the earth brings forth life in rich abundance and variety.


Unit Layouts

Twin Lakes Vineyard Residence Unit Layouts