101 Newport Boulevard

At 101 Newport Boulevard, you hold the world in your hands. And it’s a world that comes alive only at Newport City, the metro’s premier tourist destination. Explore a setting where the excitement is always high,the attractions are ever-changing and the action unfolds 24x7. And discover a way of life that’s rich in diversity and full of vitality every single day.

Your address, with four clusters rising 10 stories each, highlights the rich design influences of Art Deco architecture. Bold vertical bands, striking relief accents and repeating geometric patterns make it stand out along Newport Boulevard, your city's main avenue. The facade features the vivid colors of Miami Beach, where earth tones combine with tropical and natural hues. And inside, each cluster has its own Art Deco-style lobby and lounge.



101 Newport Boulevard Amenities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground

Unit Layouts

101 Newport Boulevard Unit Layouts