Suntrust Kirana

Suntrust Kirana  came from Indonesian word Beautiful Ray Of Light, it’s a 3 Tower Condo with balcony that covers the pool at the center, letting the residents enjoy the pool, minimizing direct sunlight. It’s a low density condo with a minimum number of units to 17 up to maximum of 24 units where there be no clogging’s at the elevator during rush hour. Its 700 meters away from Pasig Market that caters shoppers with very minimal price of foods and commodities.





Suntrust Kirana Location

Strategically located along U. Velasco Ave. Pasig City, it will connect you conveniently to almost everything that matters.



Suntrust Kirana Amenities

  •  Adult Pool
  •  Kiddie Pool
  •  Gazebo Area
  •  Clubhouse
  •  Gate and Guardhouse
  •  Jogging Path
  •  Children’s Playground

Unit Layouts

Suntrust Kirana Unit Layouts